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Organish cognac coloured diamond


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Organish cognac coloured diamond

Cognac colour diamonds are very popular. Also, they go particularly well with rose gold, white gold and yellow gold. Our orange and red diamonds come in only one shade each; Orangish Cognac and Reddish Cognac. Reddish Cognac is basically a more intense reddish shade of Orangish Cognac.Tips on buying – Red & Orange diamonds can come with undertones of brown and black. None of these undertones are particularly desirable; our aim is to create a diamond of the purest colour possible. A lot of diamonds become blackish when we are making the reddish cognac and this low yield makes the Reddish Cognacs more expensive than the Orangish Cognacs.

Our stock – We carry Reddish Cognac and Orangish Cognac Diamonds in Rounds, varying from 0.50ct ct to 2.5 cts. They are priced at four different quality levels depending on the brightness of colour.